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Color Sorter

Rice Color Sorter High reliability
Our rice colour sorter is equipped with cooling system for longer service life and higher stability.
Reliable mechanical structure design, simple and effective electrical and optical system, and optimized system structure greatly improve the reliability of the machine.
Tea Color Sorter High-speed, high-resolution CCD camera
Our tea colour sorter uses high-speed linear array CCD image sensor (2048 pixels) and high-accuracy lens to realize image acquisition. It can detect 0.04mm2 heterochromatic regions.
Specialized image processing algorithm
The algorithm based on the shape and color of tea enables...
Beans Color Sorter Unique feeding system
Due to its adjustable module design, the feeding system can accommodate various kinds of beans for a wider application range of beans colour sorter.
Special chute design ensures the uniformity of material flow, and thus, the best image acquisition and defective material rejection effects can be achieved.
Yellow Rice Colour Sorter Unique feeding system
The specially-designed feeding system ensures the conformity of material flow, which helps achieve the best effects of image acquisition and rejection.
High rejection rate (carryover)
Relying on our high resolution camera, special light source...
Peanut Color Sorter Special light source configuration
For special peanut varieties, special light sources can be configured to optimize the lighting of the materials, improve the contrast ratio of main characteristics and ensure the accuracy of material information acquisition.
Specialized image processing algorithm
According to the peanut characteristics of deterioration and budding, the algorithm is specially created on the basis of shape and color...
Dehydrated Vegetable Color Sorter High speed image processing hardware system
DSP+FPGA hardware system is used for high-speed, timely data processing of massive information of color CCD image acquisition system.
Sophisticated intelligent software system
Intelligent algorithm created on the basis of color, shape, transmission and reflection is a combination of various modes, which can accurately respond to different information, assuring optimum processing.
Wheat Grain Color Sorter Ease of operation
Simple optical system, precise auto calibration system and user-friendly man-machine interface greatly simplify the machine debugging process and ensure easy operation of our color sorter.
High flexibility, wide range of application
For different wheal and grain, we design different working modes for optimum results. Besides, one wheat grain color sorter can be used for color sorting of various wheal and grain.
Sesame Color Sorter Color high resolution CCD image acquisition system
A color CCD image acquisition system is used to acquire the full information of red, green and blue color material, which can provide better sorting effect.
With the max. resolution up to 0.15mm, it can accurately identify the color of each sesame. High precision lens ensures that the acquired images are clear and accurate.
Specialized image processing algorithm
For small-sized sesame, we adopt special small-region processing method...

CCD Basic Concept and Application

A CCD or charge coupled device is a device that acquires image information through coupled photoelectron. The first CCD was invented in 1969 at Bell Labs. Due to the development of semiconductor technology, CCD technology is widely applied in the industry, medical and other areas, in addition to aviation, military and scientific fields.

Color Sorter
We We CCD Intelligent Colour Sorter
Our We color sorter uses advanced, high-resolution 2048piexl CCD, which greatly improves the color sorting accuracy and efficiency. It is the first CCD colour sorter that has proprietary intellectual property rights in China, and its technical performance has achieved the internationally advanced level. The emergence of this color sorter indicates that optoelectronic colour sorters will be replaced by CCD colour sorters.

The imported 2048 PIXEL CCD can detect tiny spots which are less than 0.04mm2 , transparent glass and resin etc. This help our color sorter achieve higher sorting accuracy.

Due to its scientific and reasonable optical design, our CCD color sorter has a wide range of applications.

Reasonable cooling device is used to ensure that all electronic components work at room temperature, which not only increases sorting accuracy but also prolongs the lifetime of the color sorter.

The use of advanced digital signal processor makes it easy to differentiate all kinds of heterochromatic grains, thus greatly improving sorting accuracy.

User-friendly true colour touching screen results in clear visual effect and easy operation.

Original imported high frequency ejectors (with faster response speed, higher accuracy and longer life), together with intelligent software, ensures good rejection and excellent accuracy.

Why choose Tiahe CCD Intelligent Colour Sorter?

The overall quality of customers' products can be improved by removing the defective ones, thus increasing the product value.

High Efficiency
Our CCD color sorter is highly automatic, which greatly saves labor cost and improves working efficiency, thereby significantly increasing enterprise profits.

Guaranteed Stability
Using our CCD colour sorters, judgment error caused in manual selection process can be avoided, which ensures the stability of working quality.

We is a colour sorter manufacturer in China. We are able to provide a wide range of We CCD color sorters, including rice colour sorters, tea colour sorters, salt colour sorters, sesame colour sorters, and more. Through our consistent efforts, the technical parameters of these products have achieved the internationally advance level. As a result of our superior quality and reasonable prices, our color sorting equipment is well received in the USA, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Russia, Bangladesh, among others.
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